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I've been using Lightning (Mac) for years, please keep it going. It has far better features than any alternative - and I have looked! - lately a bug or 2 seem to have got in so I will try and report those to the bug section. (Linked to google calendars).

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Signature /Auto Paste /Prefill Fourms

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Please please upgrade it, I love it, it's so useful. I upgraded TBird but had to reinstall a downgrade. I'd gladly subscribe.

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Provider for Google Calendar

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It works perfectly reading and writing to my Google calendars. With Lightning it's the best calendar app around.
- great you can scroll down smoothly, not just a month at a time, which is only partly implemented in Apple's calendar and not at all in others
- you can see the time on the event, again can't on many others
- can print out a month's events

Thank you! keep it up

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Signature /Auto Paste /Prefill Fourms

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Signature saves me so much time, it's so neat and unobtrusive and always available when you want it. I agree it is a bit tricky to understand how to use it and add texts or signatures to insert but once done, FANTASTIC. Far far the best of any signature add-on.