名稱 Aris
地點 Germany
加入日期 Feb. 22, 2011
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Allow HTML Temp

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Thanks for all the work and time you put into this.

Its sad to hear Mozilla killed once again a great add-on (this time with Tb78), but that is what they do.

I removed all my add-ons over time from AMO too.

Noia4, Classic Theme Restorer, CustomizeMyBird, NewScrollbars, Classic Toolbar Buttons, GlassMyFox and others...

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Thanks for this one.

Display Mail User Agent T

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Thanks for creating this one.
Nice additional information for every email.

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Auto Address Cleaner T

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I did not know I need this feature till I found this add-on. ;-)
Thanks for creating it.

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Open Tab

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Very helpful.

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Very good add-on for users, who need to know more.

Allow HTML Temp

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Great add-on, very useful.

Thanks for improving Thunderbird usage.

I have a question about this add-ons future. Are there any plans to make it restartless? I'm asking, because it seems future Thunderbird builds (like the current Tb64 beta) will only accept restartless add-ons.

Thanks for releasing a Tb 68+ compatible version.

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MinimizeToTray Reanimated

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Thanks for keeping this add-on alive.

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Stylish - Custom themes for any website

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Even if Firefox 48+ is technically capable of running WebExtensions, it is deeply wrong to force v3.x on users of Firefox 52 ESR, Basilisk or Waterfox knowingly robbing them many great features in advance.


Please make the WebExtension version exclusively available for Firefox 57+. Change Geckos minVer for that.
All users of Firefox 52ESR or Firefox forks like Waterfox, Cyberfox, Basilisk etc. do not need the feature reduced WebExtension version to be installed automatically.

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Version Number in Add-ons Manager

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Since there is no official way to contact the developer via support channels (no forum or email address), these form is used, which is a valid step according to AMO rules.

1. this add-on breaks Stylish add-ons user styles, which can not be edited anymore). To fix this the css code has to be modified like this:
#addons-page .addon[status="installed"] ----->
#addons-page .addon:not([type="userstyle"])[status="installed"]

2. there already is an add-on on AMO, that restores the version number inside add-ons manager for Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

Keep up your great work.

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Version in Add-on bar

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Nice and helpful add-on (especially for devs) when switching between Fx versions.

"Version in Add-on bar" add-on also works fine with "Puzzle Toolbars", "Status-4-Evar" and "Classic Theme Restorer" add-ons, not only with "The Addon Bar (Restored)".


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I think there are a lot people -including me-, that would prefer to see the main add-on page and its name in English.

Besides that, great add-on. Keep up your good work.

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Add-ons Manager Context Menu

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Thanks for this one. Very useful!

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Copy Plain Text 2

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Great, I was looking for such functions!

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Superb! Thats how TB5+ has to look like.

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Noia Fox

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Your reported bug regarding Acrobat pdf view with Noia themes (on AeroGlass) will be fixed on next release of Noia 4 (v1.5.2) and I believe on Noia Fox (v1.3.8) too.

Please use support sites for reporting bugs next time.

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Noia Fox

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Hi David, could you write me an email regarding Centauri39s 800x600 problem. I have a workaround for his problem that I want to share. No need that both of us waste time for his nonsense configuration problem.

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