Sungho Hwang


名稱 Sungho Hwang
地點 South Korea
職業 PhD, RN, Assistant Professor
加入日期 Nov. 23, 2017
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Hello! How are you! Thunderbird never drop down the letter!

I live still with Thunderbird as below.^^

Porting Outlook to Thunderbird. Just take Outlook account to Tb.^^

Every morning, as I have a cup of coffee...
I make sure of messages and make schedule on calendar and make sorts of tasks with Thunderbird!

Joyful tasks every day \ (T-T) /

I open Collections I Love! for everyone, especially first entered Koreans to share useful Tb addons with...



Today subpane is a emblem of Thunderbird.
When today pane is hidden for a wide view,
someone feels sorry not to have this today subpane on screen.
It is to remain today subpane on folder and subscription pane.
send a gift to a friend Eunjo.

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Enjoy white without eye fatigue!
FrameWhite is applicable/available in default theme!

send a gift to a friend Eunjo.

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Change taskview styles

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PasteMarkdownSyntax 需要重新啟動

Paste Markdown syntax on event and task dialog descriptions.
Items are:
'**', '```', '###', '~~', '----', '|---', '|---|', '---|', '|:---|', '|:---:|', '|---:|', '![alt text]( )'
praise Cardinal Soo-Hwan, Kim.

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Put task view up to read document of long sentences.
Put task view neutrally to read tree lists.
Put task view vertically to read document in which records are many.
praise Cardinal Soo-Hwan, Kim.

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To mthaens.

I give you good news of my add-on, PasteMarkdownSyntax.
Now, donwnload of this add-on is available on this gallery.
I wish that you use this add-on, too.

From Sungho Hwang.

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To mthaens.

Thank you for your add-on program.
I made add-on of PasteMarkdownSyntax.
This add-on is to paste markdown syntax on dialog description.
Of course, AdvancedTasks is required for my add-on.
My add-on is awaiting review.
When my add-on is posted on gallery, I will visit this again.

From Sungho Hwang.


CustomizeMyBird [Tb52-60] (discontinued)

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For CMB version 2.4

Thank you to open [Custom CSS code] item^^

It is Grand Mighty Appearance Transformer!

Visit my collection that has Black & White theme code.

Insert that code in [Custom CSS code] box of this CMB.

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Excellent. ^^

Thank you always! Philipp Kewisch.

Nameless calendar occurs on left calendar selector/editor
After naming that calendar to "Trash",
I send schedule or task to delete it to "Trash" calendar.
If usually I set Trash calendar to unselect on left calendar selector/editor,
Schedules and Tasks which sent to Trash calendar are not seen usually. ^^
Because this program uses a surprising tweak, I laughed for a while. \O/

NewScrollbars [Tb 10-56] (discontinued)

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as I see them ^^

Thank you very much, Aris.

Squared Australis Tabs (Tb)

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neat ^^

Address Close Button

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that is wrongly entered.
It works well on my Tb 52.

Dark Fox

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in background ^^

Thunderbird Suave

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Thunderbird never drop the letter. ^^

Fresh Green Leaves

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How much fresh is it. ^^

little flowers

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It is the spring.^^


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I am a single profile user, but I have the backup profile.
It is easily accessible to backup profile at emergency. ^^

Thank you, Paolo "Kaosmos".

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Show All Body Parts

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I knew it after getting the broken email (T-T).
If that is important email, make it sure as changing modes.

Thank you again, Jonathan Kamens.

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within reply or forward message^^

Thank you, Jeevanandam M.

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Sun Cult

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Thank you, Rob Norris.

Sender Frequency

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As expected,
advertisement frequencies are the most.^^;

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Thank you, Teester^^

Star Wars warrior

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Star Wars warrior is the right theme to me.^^
I decorated todaysubpane, LCD Clock as theme also.^^


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manually (T-T)...
It works very well.^^
Thank you, Schuzak.


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Thank you, mart3ll