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Color Folders

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Thanks for a very simple and effective organizing add-on.

Works Fine on TB 38.5.0 (Portable Edition) on Win 8.1

@Destry: You cannot change the color of a folder with a special icon (i.e. a special folder like Inbox, Drafts, etc). In this case, Color Folders is greyed-out; In normal (custom) user folders it works fine.

Show All Body Parts

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Update: In Version 1.2 the problem still occurs, but it occurs a bit later comparing to v1.1. Initially it is working (even after closing/restarting Thunderbird), but at some point the option "Message Body as --> All Body Parts" vanishes from the menu and just won't come back. Please correct!

When downloading/installing this addon directly (through the addons tab) initially it works: I can see the option Message Body as All Body Parts.

However, when I close and restart Thunderbird, although the addon is enabled, the above option in the menu is no more there. You have to remove (disable/enable does not work) the addon and re-install to have the option again.

I have tried in three different computers with the same results.

Note: If I try to install from file (downloaded xpi) and not directly (through the Addons Thunderbird page), then the addon does not work: the option is not added to the menu at all.

Very useful addon, but please make it work!

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