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Send Later Button


I used to love this add-on but for the past few weeks, clicking its Send Later button immediately crashes Thunderbird, losing any new message being written and any edits to a draft that has been re-opened. (I can still run Send Later from the File menu.) I'm running 32bit Thunderbird 60.3.1 on 64bit Win 10 PRO Version 1709. - [email protected]


Perfect View


This add-on omits what should be the most basic feature of an email image viewer: the ability to view, as complete pictures, the images attached to an email in a window that can be toggled between full-screen and a pop-up window, with the ability to move between pictures with the arrow keys.

Why is that so hard? There doesn't seem to be any way to make it do that.

All this program's "Full-screen" option does is make Thunderbird go full screen, not the picture, which still has to be scrolled within the small message review area.