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Stylish - Custom themes for any website


Since some Firefox Android releases it just shows a distorted black screen. Also it deletes all open tabs at install. Can't use it anymore - sadly. Please fix.

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Stylish - Custom themes for any website


Since I have an Amoled screen I use black backgrounds. In the meantime I am so used to them that I never switched them off again. Much easier to read and saves battery power.


Google SSL 加密搜索


No country redirect anymore. Thanks.

Google SSL (DE)


Endlich kein Country Redirect mehr. Danke!



I still give 5 Stars since I hope that this will be fixed and this addon is great. But with the latest version 0.4.2 I get the wrong data when I use Yahoo.

Fix for me - downgrade to 0.4.1

Just as update. In the meantime I talked to the developer and we found the difference. Yahoo uses country specific layouts. At my area nothing got changed by Yahoo and so the 0.4.1 still works but the new version not.

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always ".com" - (in English)


Why did I have to search so long for this great add-on;-) Thank you for it!!! And Google should thank you even more. They don't realize that foreigners not familiar with the local language might need a search engine too. Perhaps they should google...




Tried Firefox Sync and gave up. Completely useless and impossible to understand.

The worst - FF bookmarks cannot be transferred with standard FF tools from FF 5 to FF 3,5. Not even such a BASIC function works there.But this add-on here is great and works!!! Thank you for fixing the shortcomings of FF!!!

Hard to imagine what great browser FF could be if Andy Halford did the coding ;-)

And imagine how useless FF would be without all this add-ons. They are FF and not Mozilla.




It is great and it works perfectly even with Firefox 3.5. Mr. Didier Lafleur takes care of this extension and now even made graphs.

Allow me to ask him a question - would it be possible to extend this great add-on so that I can see stocks too - with =/- percentage values? There is not so much around working with later Firefox releases and I am confident that he could do it in a perfect way - what he did with currencies.




Strange. So many people would like to use this add-on but it seems not to be possible. Did not work for me with Firefox 3 too.



When I installed this add-on and looked at it I had the impression - just one more tool like this. But I let it installed and played sometimes bored around with it.

In the meantime I cannot live without it anymore. More and more I got addicted to it. So be careful when you try this excellent add-on!!! There might be no way back ;-)


Compact Menu 2


I checked others. But for me this one is not good but perfect.




Whenever you save an html endless files get written to your HD. A way to avoid this is the format MHT developed by Microsoft for archiving. Their browser provides this in the standard version. It packs all those endless single files into one - and saves a lot of disk space.

Since this is a Microsoft idea Firefox does not support this - no idea why...

Without UnMHT I would NEVER use Firefox since I save many html files. UnMHT is great and even much, much better than the standard of Microsoft. For me it is the best Firefox Add-on of all.

There is only one problem - five stars for the rating are not enough for it!!!


Stop Autoplay


Cannot help myself but I see that it works much better than Flashblock. There the whitelist does not work - or at least not as it should do.

A great extension with a great future I hope. Now I can uninstall the buggy Flashblock. Thank you for it!


MR Tech Toolkit


Great tool!!! For me one of the best extensions with excellent gui. Pefect!




The idea is great but how it is made is a nightmare. It will fill your hard disk with endless files. It does not maintain its own database. Does not care about clusters etc. Just writes down everything it finds uncompressed - even EVERY single jpg you do not need - as a single file.

So perhaps better to use save as MHT to get more information using much less space ;-) Will stick to UnMHT as long as the data do not get compress at least a little bit.

So far - mostly a waste of data space. Even better to select a frame and make a parital screen shot. If you want key words use the file name.