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always ".com" - Google.com (in English)

Tired of being redirected to a local Google site when you specifically want Google.com?

Use "Google dot com", not "dot something else". Use Google.com, in English, without being redirected to a country-specific Google site when you're not in the US.

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Search using Google.pt (Portugal).

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Google .uk sites

Google search of .uk websites

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Priberam Dictionary

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Priberam Definitions

Priberam Dictionary - search within definitions

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Google Wave Add-on for Firefox


Generally useful and works alright.
You should specify that when setting up, in "Account Settings", the "Google Login" is only the google username since inputing [email protected] generates an error.
Problem: When you click the "Go to Google Wave" option, the unread count disappears and only shows up again once the add-on next checks the account and the status-bar icon refreshes.
Suggestion 1: Clicking the status bar icon should take you to the Google Wave Inbox instead of having to right-click and selecting an option.
Suggestion 2: Check-box preferences in the settings to select which panels one would like minimized when going to the account. One check-box per panel (nav, contact, search) to change the address one goes to to a variation of https://wave.google.com/wave/?pli=1#minimized:nav,minimized:contact,minimized:search

Google (Language: EN)


This add-on does what it is meant to. It returns English results. It does, however and therefore, work in the same way as a country specific add-on would work, limiting the scope of your search in the same way that using 'Google.fr' will preferably return French results by default. Since I travel a bit, I tended to get redirected to the local country-specific Google site when using the default engine in Firefox. What i actually wanted was an add-on that would produce the same effect as clicking on the "Go to Google.com" link on localized Google sites, keeping the interface English but not restricting the search results. There is now an add-on that does just that, so I'll be using the other one. but thanks for the contribution, many will find it very useful.