名称 Doug
位置 St. Louis, Mo. 63116
职业 Student, Administrator, & Beta Tester
注册时间 May 17, 2018
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Good Day & God Bless You-All,

For over a year I've been Beta Testing, Troubleshooting, & Analyzing operating systems & other software pakages for Microsoft, Google, AOL, Hewlett Packard and antivirus companies McAfee & F-Secure... It's been more of a learning experience & adventure than a job... And I greatly appreciate the many opportunities that these awesome companies have given me... And now I'm working on turning it into a business... Maybe something far greater shall happen next !!!

I hope & pray that you-all find your goals in this life & May The God Of Peace & Power Direct Your Paths In All Your Ways!!!



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I haven't been able to use it yet. A error message appears stating that it can't load because it states that a file already exist. When I checked, - there was no file. There's something wrong with the program...