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There was a time years ago when I moved my relatives to Google and I, too, was a huge fan of their search.

Times change. Technology is ever-evolving. Bing has been my default search engine for nearly 3 years now, and I've watched Google copy Bing's designs over these past three years. Bing still does it better.

Some of the more zealot people will laugh, mock, and behave generally immaturely but their actions speak for themselves.

I've been building computers for over 20 years and I am accustomed to adapting to advances in technology. I am not a follower of particular companies, I am more than willing to switch to better services. While Google's search engine has its uses, Bing is the search service that I recommend as most people's default search engine.



Useful, but still problematic and frustrating. It forces Tor to be the default proxy, and the option to set your own default proxy is summarily ignored (the option of selecting a default proxy is provided, but doing so is either broken or is deliberately forced to be Tor, I can't say which).

The UI is also pretty awful. Adding the first rule is rather problematic until you get one or two to finally stick, and the wildcard method of adding web addresses is generally pretty good, but it is sometimes ignored.

In short, this is a long way from Switchy on Chrome, but it's the only automatic proxy switch that I can find for Firefox here on Mozilla.org. It only gets the job half done because it forces Tor (and I would prefer to default to i2P), but it is better than nothing. At least I can still easily connect to eep sites, and I can still route certain domains through a proxy.

This plugin also takes over the Network configuration window under Firefox's Options : Advanced : Network, which is a little irritating.




Excellent! One of my passwords is over 40 characters long. I was dreading typing that beast out, so this is exactly what I was needing.


Show My Password


Does not work with the latest Firefox. Use Nightly Tester Tools to force compatibility until this add on is updated.




I was a bit dismayed when I saw that the original was dead. It's good to see that it lives on!




Download is broken. Get a corrupted file error when FF attempts to install it.