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MaDonnas Aurora Blue

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A solid theme that is pleasant and readable.

Just wish that the hue of the status bar at the bottom of the screen would be a bit lighter - some grey icons there are almost unreadable. However, this is minor and I am sticking to this theme.


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Great addon. Thanks for the fix - I installed this (from https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/277984/perspectives-4.5.2-fx+sm.xpi) on v.32.0.3 and it does its job.

The only negative I see is that the addon produces a dire warning on sites with self-signed certificates : "Suspected attack:...".
This is a too severe judgement call, most of the time false, that will stop many site visitors.
I would like to see a more technically correct warning: "Warning: self-signed certificate found. To verify that the site is legitimate, check certificate's fingerprint."

The same for an expired cert: "Warning: expired certificate found. To verify that the site is legitimate, check certificate's fingerprint."

If the user is a bit technical (as I would expect from users using this addon), the proposed warning gives them all the info they need.
If she is not overly technical, you drive her immediately away, following the footsteps of the industry who would want to continue and support the money making business of CA who are satisfied with only verifying the requestor domain's e-mail address.

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I am new to the program. UI looks neat, and common features are fairly complete. The debug trace is handy to investigate some protocol problems with the server.
I tested out FTPS (implicit) - works fine against the server's self-signed certificate. On the other hand, SFTP (which also works fine) appears to only support SHA1 key exchange and HMAC at the highest level. It would be nice to be able to also handle DH-SHA256 and ECDH-SHA2 over secp256k1 for key exchange and HMAC-SHA2-256 for data authentication.

I don't have any knowledge about the security of the addon - in addition to code robusness (which I have not reviewed, and it is a valid question for a any secure application), being integrated info Firefox which takes on quite a beating from external vectors, including the possible dangers of XSS, I don't know yet whether to use this addon or a dedicated client like winscp.

Using 2.0.20 on FF V.32 under WIN7SP1 32b.

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Get An Account

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Useless. Probably a method to make money through marketing affiliation.

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Simple Timer

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Looks simple and effective.
The only feature that I really miss is a checkbox on the "time is up" dialog box that will make the alarm system snoozes for a set period of time.
Otherwise, great little addon! Thanks.

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