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You can force compatability with TB17 and there's not much wrong. The only thing I find is the 3 main buttons on the top right are obscured by the new version of TB. But if you position the mouse where they are, they're still clickable albeit you only see a thin line of each.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (3.0.6). 

if you are using Win7, when the window is not maximized you can t drag it. You can only resize the window. This is not a little issue and that s why it s not a great solution to simply upgrade compatibility. And TB17 also brought a new "menu button" which has the same function as the app button in Firefox. If you use the 3.0.6 version of DeepDark, this menu button has no icon and when you click on it, it displays a non styled popup with a white background and light grey font. There are also few other things which are not looking right but I won t list them all. That s why Deepdark for TB needs to be reworked to work properly with TB17 and not simply a compatibility upgrade...