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Recently I have been desperate to improve the look of TB. For a long time I stuck with 3.1.20 and refused any more of the rabid-release garbage. Recently I took a chance and tried the latest on one machine. I still haven't decided on which is best.

Needless to say I tried getting personas to work and lately the Mozzlosers have been royally screwing them up. Even when they started working again many of the good ones wont drop down far enough leaving an interface mostly done and partially not. That looks horrendous!

Personas should have an option of being stretched below 1280 pixels otherwise many good ones are going to fail for folks who have detailed control setups.

Then I went and went through one theme after another(and yes, I also refuse to buy into the stupidity of the new terms(themes, complete themes.)) Anyways, I went and tried one after another, on the latest version and on 3 and after a zillion downloads and restarts it became readily apparent that the whole catalog sucks and is dying!

Many don't work and nobody has removed them- probably because they don't want to expose just how slim the real catalog is. Also, many were too strong, too weak, had too much glass... Put it all together and just how many do you truly want to see on your screen?

Then I found this one and it seems to have a really good balance. I think that glass is a really bad idea for TB and this one combined with it's other modest changes really presents a very well balanced UI

Good job!

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