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I read this:
Provides ability to change status of specific addon (enabled/disabled).# Abstract

This addon provides ability to control enabled/disabled status of addons.
This is mainly designed for corporate-use.

# Usage

## For Extensions

If you want an addon "[email protected]" to be controlled, then
create a string preference for the addon, like:

pref("[email protected]@labs.mozilla.com.status", "enabled");

Possible values:

* `enabled`
* `disabled`
* `uninstall`
* `global`

You can specify two or more values as a comma-separated list, like:

pref("[email protected]@labs.mozilla.com.status",

If you set the value to `global` and the addon is installed to the user profile, then the user profile version will be uninstalled and the globally installed version will become active.

## For Plugins

If you want a plugin named "Java(TM) Plug-in ..." to be controlled, then
you have to create two preferences like:

pref("[email protected]",
"^Java\(TM\) Plug-in");
pref("[email protected]",

The value of ".pattern" is a regular expression (case sensitive) for the name
of the plugin, because addon-id for plugins are modified on every install.

If the value of ".status" is `true`, then the plugin will be activated. Otherwise disabled.

Did I understood it right: This addon should activate or deactivate one or more addons? This is a GUI addon?

May it be, that you do not got all lathes on the fence? Which common user, that is in fear about what addons do or not do, and want to click one off or on or want to click some off or on, should understand that? When you are to lazy to implement getting all this strings and whatever from installed addons, then dont do it! You also could have written a documentation to the firefox addon-interfaces and call this adon. This is not an addon, its a piss take!

This is the typical Linux admin/developer brainfuck that says: Look how silly YOU USER are and how INTELLIGENT IAM are.

That mozilla accepts such bullshit.

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You did not make it clear, there is no config bunton on Firefox 54.0.1, do I need to config a file?