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I was so excited to discover this Add-on, but it doesn't seem to work on 60.7. Am I doing something wrong? And yes, I found the add-on preferences, and I used the "Guide to custom format fields" to configure all the dates exactly how I want them. 4 restarts later, nothing.

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Why is this even an extension???

Everyone wants to customize their dates.

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Does exactly what it advertises. Options interface is very easy to use while offering a great range of customization.

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Edit 21/09/2019 : To answer to JG : In fact it was not (really) working. Only messages of the day are customized (HH:MM) the others have the standard date. Perhaps it's due to my version of TB (v60.9.0 (32 bits) release canal)... don't know.

Edit 12/09/2019: Finally it seems to work but only for the messages arriving after the installation of the add-on. Strange, perhaps there is a possibility to "rescan" all the "old" dates ? So I add au new star ! Thanks

Original message : Previous critique : Nice idea but doesn't work on my system (version 60.9).
Nothing happen... Even after going in the setup, restarting thunderbird and switching the date column on/off/on.

I'm so disappointed !

Good to know--thanks for reporting back. I'm curious--if you restart Thunderbird, does it start applying to old dates too?
Or even after a restart does it still only apply to messages arriving after the installation of the add-on?

Thanks so much!

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Works like a charm on Thunderbird 60.8. 0. The first time, I only had to de-select then re-select "date" in the list of columns displayed for the add-on to be taken into account.

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EDIT: Once I found the preferences dialogue box for the add-on, everything is smashing. This was my ignorance with Thunderbird add-ons. Add-on works great.

ORIGINAL: Doesn't seem to do anything. No options to change the date format anywhere in Preferences after installing. The referenced addon that this is based off of had it under Preferences > Display. Nothing new shows up here after install.
On version 60.8. I guess it's not compatible? :(

To change the date format, you have to adjust the addon's preferences. (For me, that's in Tools > Add-on Preferences > Enhanced Date Formatter.)

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I got so used to the way the date is presented in another email client that when I use Thunderbird I am always looking for the same format. This add-on allows me to configure the date the way I am used to, and much more. Excellent add-on!

Just hope it is compatible as Thunderbird upgrades. ;-)

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4.75 stars actually, but...

So exactly what I wanted xD

The only thing I could wish would be to have time zone abbreviations.

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Excellent addon. It would be perfect if you could set different date formats for the message pane/different columns for optimal space use.

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Excellent. I too had problems identifying which year a particular email was received. All sorted & great now.

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This add-on has eliminated a huge frustration I had with Thunderbird. I was so tired of having that stupid European date standard forced on me. Now I can use a more sensible format like ISO 8601 %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S :-)

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Thanks for the first minor update ;-)

"locale" was meant as translations.

Цей користувач має попередній відгук про цей додаток.

I only speak English, but if someone else commits to providing a translation (in any language) I'll commit to adding in localization support. ☺️