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Very functional and beautiful dark theme. I would like other color variations and am willing to pay for them but not by crating PayPal account.. sorry. Why not accept Bitcoin?

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (13.1.3). 

Thank you for your feedback. Glad that you appreciate my work.

Concerning other color variations, there is the possibility to purchase many of them on my Payhip online store (link in description). It is possible to pay with credit card. I think that only US resident need to use PayPal, but it is not me who handles payment methods. My web store is hosted by Payhip.com. So suggestions/questions about payment methods should be addressed to them, not to me and even less in the add-on's review section which is not there for this. If you have issues/questions related to my add-on there is a support link next to the add-on description. TY