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Best addon re. appearance. With the latest version however the popup which displays the message content, only shows a portion of everything. I.e. the senders email & subject is truncated

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (13.0.3). 

The emails notification popup behaves now like the default Thunderbird one which also shows partially everything and doesn't cover too much of the screen width. This is supposed to be the "normal" behavior and it is based on the default Thunderbird code (from the "newmailalert.css" file).

By the way, it's impossible for me to please everybody. Some users contacted me to ask to make the message popup to behave like the default theme, I addressed this and now some other prefer how it was before. Personally, I feel like it's almost the same if the popup shows more or less, because in both cases there is still the need to open the email to really see all of its content and at some point the pop-up automatically disappears so there is not always the time to read everything. I think that it's more annoying if it takes too much of space as it can disturb while doing something else on computer. That's why in the end I decided to follow the users feedbacks which asked me to make the pop-up to behave like the default theme.

If it is really a problem for you, the 13.0.2 version is still available for download, you simply need to scroll down the add-on's page, click on "version information" and it will display a link which says "view other versions". Once you click that link it will lead you to the "version history" page where you can find older versions of my add-on. Just don't forget to disable automatic updates for my add-on if you want to keep the 13.0.2 version.

I also would like to add that in case of issue, please, use the support link next to the add-on description and not the review section. Thank you