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The Super Stars

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I have MS so I needed to be able to READ the text links; as white seems to be the best, I was VERY EXCITED to find such a BEAUTIFUL theme that I could ALSO USE (ie: read over!)... Can you do the SAME THEME but in red/maroon hues (maybe even throw in a few subtle hints of glitter with the spangle stars to make it a TAD different?), so I could change it out now and then and KEEP MY SUPER STARS? ;-) Thanks for some BEAUTIFUL work, really. ;-)

Lily of the Valley Shine by MaDonna

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A BEAUTIFUL unexpected theme... as a dabbler themes-artist myself, I can attest to the DIFFICULTY of 'theming' an image as complex as this, and getting the overlay text to be a readable color is KEY! This lady knows her STUFF! One of the best themes/Personas developers around... ;-)