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Easiest YouTube Video Downloader

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The plugin is NOTHING more than a scam! Nothing more than AD-WARE!!!


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SUX ... nothing but adware/malware that could mess your PC up. I had problems removing it :(

Online Link Scan

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Simplest way tto scan for any suspicious link on the complete page. Wish I had found it two years ago.

Print pages to Pdf

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Not sure why others had a problem, It is fortunately saved in your User > your name >;AppData > Local > Temp folder.
If you have the free Foxitt reader on both desktop and FF, it will trigger automatically then simply click 'Save-As button to save it in your documents folder or where you'd like.
Can only give 1 stars due to not converting the JPG also.

Táto recenzia je pre predchádzajúcu verziu doplnku ( 

Bing Maps powered by Microsoft Silverlight

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Ever since the top-secret monopoly DEAL, November 2, 2001, MS has installed hooks allowing groups like NSA to stalk your every move. ... Shame, I really USED to like them. Even studied and taught MS products.