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Názov excess
Umiestnenie france
Povolenie composer, DJ , producer & co-member of The Juicy Juice
Registrovaný sep. 26, 2016
Počet vytvorených doplnkov 2 témy
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i bathed into electronic music as techno from Detroit, acid house or
chicago house music. Also influenced by rock, industrial music and hip hop. I write songs and lyrics for my own, or others like the band i'm in : The Juicy Juice. I also do arrangements, mixing, and production.

I started excess as a solo project, in 2012. It includes a series of demos, remixes and featuring ( the song "Never leave" featuring the british singer Tara Toxic were used for an advertising, )
My remix of the song "Time to go" by American artist
Kwanza Jones worth a followed by BBC One as "new talent".

In 2014, i released an album on itunes, "excess inside"which includes most of the songs produced between 2012 and 2014. then "Holly's Creepy Night" E.P. & a mix version of the main track, "Holly's Creepy Night - excess mix".

in 2016 new single E.B.E. came out on many digital music platforms ( spotify, google play, iTunes... )

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