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Hello Everyone
I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother And Great Grandmother of two boys. My son passed in my living room on 2/8/2008 at the age of forty. I have a beautiful Daughter who is forty-three and is the center of my life. My son left five young children behind and my daughter cannot carry a child since she had surgery at six weeks old. I am a retired nurse, model and worked for the Democratic party during the Clinton Administration as Vice President for the State of Pennsylvania. We worked for and won the Governors Seat for Tom Ridge.
My first book was published in 2005 Chocolate Fences, Second in 2007 Snail Queen, third in 2011 A call of Reckoning which became a theme for a radio show every year around Labor day on whistle Radio 102.7 FM. I began to sketch and paint a few years ago. In the genre of whimsical and fantasy. It all keeps growing and changing.
It has been my pleasure to meet all of you
Author Carole Cookie Arnold

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