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DownThemAll! AntiContainer

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It totally works. You just need to go into the settings (aka DownloadThemAll! Preferences) and under the Filters tab, tick the checkbox for "Pictures and Embedded Filter".

Once that is engaged, you'll see a new filter option in the DownloadThemAll window for "AntiContainer". That's where this addon will do it's work. Just make sure that filter is checked, and it'll work as advertised.

Thanks so much to the developers for this great addon.

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No, it seems something did change. I keep getting phantom downloads. A "0 bytes" download shows up in the downloads manager, and no file shows up in the designated download location.

I've experienced this issue before, and it stopped happening after a few days. I'm not sure what causes it. Can anyone else confirm?

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Enhanced Bookmark Search

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Can we please get an update to this or a new addon that performs these functions for 3.6???

This is so valuable


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It looks like YouTube changed the page coding...

Unplug worked great there until a day or two ago...Now it doesn't find anything.

Time for an update?

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