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Osian ap Garth

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Имя Osian ap Garth
Пользователь с Сен. 14, 2010
Число разработанных дополнений 1 дополнение
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Geiriadur Cymraeg

Welsh MySpell Dictionary - The word-list was created as part of the Cysill software, developed by Canolfan Bedwyr, University of Wales, Bangor.

The Mozilla addon is a separate piece of work simply to connect the dictionary to Mozilla products.

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Мои отзывы

Account Colors

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Very good add-on. Anyone using more than one e-mail account in any e-mail-client should have functionality like this to prevent the embarrassing case of sending an e-mail from the wrong address. It makes one wonder why the TB team don't build such functionality as part of the core product.

** Warning **
This add-on does conflict with another add-on called "Identity Chooser" (which has its own neat functionality). By default, both add-ons try to colour the header section of your e-mail windows which causes a conflict resulting in multi-coloured composition windows and confusion as to which account you're sending from. Fortunately, both add-ons also allow you to disable the header colouring feature, so my solution is to switch that feature off in Identity Chooser because the colouring features are more powerful in Account Colors.

It would be nice if both developers could get together to create one unified add-on with the best features of both. But that's how it is for now at least.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (13.4). 

Identity Chooser

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I appreciate what this add-on does. But the problem is that it conflicts with "Account Colors" [https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-GB/thunderbird/addon/account-colors/?src=userprofile]. Both add-ons try to alter the colors of the same fields, resulting in a bit of a mess.

I like a few of the features of both add-ons, and the fact that I can't use both together is really frustrating. I suppose this is the down-side of allowing independent developers to build extensions to the same core application.

I don't suppose there's a chance of you joining forces with the "Account Colors" team to create one coherent extension?

Manually sort folders

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I use ExQuilla add-on to synchronise with Exchange servers.

Unfortunately, this add-on doesn't seem to be able to "see" ExQuilla accounts, meaning that you can't order them in between all the "standard" Thunderbird accounts. ExQuilla ones are all sent to the bottom of the list and can't be ordered through this tool.

Work-around is to manually modify the advanced settings of Thunderbird.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (1.1.1). 

Geiriadur Cymraeg - Welsh dictionary

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Unfortunately, this addon has been dead for a while. Thomas no longer seems to be keeping it up to date.

I've therefore uploaded a new addon under the ID: [email protected]

Please find it on the following link. It's still pending review from Mozilla, but I hope that they will be able to replace Thomas' version with this one when they get round to it.


Let me know if there are any problems (find my mail on the "meet the developer" link on the right).