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Either broken, or has confusing text: In read-only mode intends to delete 278 contacts from Google. WTF?!

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Argh!!! Thunderbird 60 disabled this urgent addon!

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One can set task date to "All day" by defining due moment, but not start moment.

However, it's strange to me that the check-button "All day" appears right after I pressed "Save and close" independent on start-finish dates specified. This check-button is invisible during editing completely. And with a blink of an eye one can see this button appears for a moment when task editor closes.

That's quite bad.

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No Small Text

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I don't need this addon, but is it possible to limit maximum font?


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2017/05 here, addon still working.

Yet, making it working is not a trivial task.

1) Create and fill file like this:

A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn't.
/Tom Waits/
Good... Bad... I'm a guy with a gun!
/Evil Dead 3/
Today's forecast is extra bomby, slight chance of mushroom clouds.
/Starcraft, Terran Ghost/

Note percent sign between phrases/quotes.
(Thanks dasoe's comment!)
For example C:\Fortune\cookies.txt

2) In addon options:
Specify "fortune cookie file"=C:\Fortune\cookies.txt
Specify "signature target"=C:\Fortune\currentcookie.txt
That is the file where this addon will put a random cookie every "Update signature every # seconds".

3) Menu\Tools\Account Settings:
Turn on "Attach the signature from a file" = C:\Fortune\currentcookie.txt

(Thanks Didereaux's comment!)

However, it's sad that this addon inserts empty lines before the cookie.


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No such menu in interface such as ad promised.

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Font Finder

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1) There is no constant effect: font is replaced until page be reloaded.

2) There is no global effect. You replace font on one page of the site, and the other page of the same site has fonts you just tried to eliminate.

3) There is no universal effect at all. Once you try to wipe out Comic Sans from your life, you must replace it on each and every site you meet, each and every time you visit any page.

Conclusion: useful for designers to check layout or to analyse competitors. Not usable for convenient Firefox users.

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Superb interface, best amongst other addons.

And quite a dumb translation engine, which becomes numb very often.

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I cannot edit proxies: plugin just doesn't remember what I do. Only preset proxies can work.


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msfirth: as far as i understand "optimize" continues the line of discontinued "customize"

to author:

1)any ideas of centralising search filters like https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nolijncfnkgaikbjbdaogikpmpbdcdef ? subscription lists?

2)youtube autostop does not work.

3)could there be more options on youtube? "hide bottom playlist", "prefer video quality"? greasemonkey+yousabletubefix is sloooooow.... (installed because autostop does not work)

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