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Tried on Google and elsewhere, doesn't work, selecting repagination has no effect. Maybe conflicts with another addon, maybe incompatible with Palemoon 25.x. A direly needed tool to combat multi-page clicksuckers, but non-functional.

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"A username and password are being requested by http://weseesearch.com.
The site says: "Picollator""

Add-ons Manager Context Menu

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Firefox default is so dysfunctional, this is a welcome change.

Mozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful Save

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If the addon saves a page based on "browser state", why does it add back parts removed by Adblock element hider?

(The support page is down so I'm reporting here).

This addon is one of the reasons I still use FF/Palemoon.
Issues mentioned in previous review mostly persist though.
Adding back removed elements wasn't reported before, I think.

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LOL, Opera had this by default. I wonder how many plugins it takes to get Firefox usability at least close to that of Opera. This, and many other functions really are an essential part of a browser.

Now is Opera only had MAFF support and such a selection of plugins...

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I always get "Plz make sure you have open the album page" error wherever I try it on Flickr


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Doesn't work, at least not at http://etv.err.ee/arhiiv.php?

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