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Please don't use Facebook as the home page for your addons; I can't post an issue without getting an account, and I refuse to get a Facebook account (it's not safe; Facebook downloads spyware onto your system). Mozilla offers sites for the home pages of addons that aren't a risk to your system.

The Facebook page serves exclusively as a fan page, as we find the add-on page and support pages sufficient. Since you're looking to post an issue, please visit the support page (http://getsatisfaction.com/tryagain/products/tryagain_tryagain_for_firefox). You can find this either directly through the add-on information or on the right side of this page. I'm sorry to see this misunderstanding being reflected in the add-on's rating.

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I hate to give an addon I love and previously depended on just a low rating, but the fact of the matter is that Try Again just isn't working anymore, since 3.4.6 was released. Whenever I try to go to a page where Firefox can't get a connection, I'm getting an Alert Window saying the location can't be found, instead of the Try Again window coming up, and I have to manually highlight the URL and hit Enter again.

What's going on?

I would greatly appreciate it if you could open an issue on the support site so that I can gather some more information. Please let me know which version of Firefox you are using, and if you have any add-ons installed that might possibly be causing any incompatibilities. You can open an issue here: http://getsatisfaction.com/tryagain/products/tryagain_tryagain_for_firefox