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I tested this addon and have confirmed that is is multiprocess-compatible. Testing consisted of:
i) using Firefox Developer Edition 51 (so I could disable the addon signing requirement)
ii) setting xpinstall.signatures.required to false (so I could install addon with compatibility flag set)
iii) setting browser.tabs.remote.force-enable to true and restarting (to ensure Firefox uses multiprocess mode)
iv) adding <em:multiprocessCompatible>true</em:multiprocessCompatible> to install.rdf (so that shims and cpows are not made available to the addon)
v) installing the addon
vi) verifying that all functionality works as intended
vii) skimming the extension files to double-check

Developer: please add the multiprocessCompatible flag to install.rdf -- this will allow multiprocess to be enabled with your addon installed for users starting with the release of Firefox 50.

Also, this addon is must-have :-)

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (1.2.1).