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Advanced Dork:

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I have used this extension for about a year now. I probably use it every 5-10 min of time spent surfing. It's not working right now in FF 3.5b4, but I hope it will continue to be supported. Otherwise I may have to stick to FF 3.1. Yes, I love this extension THAT much!

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The new 0.7 version looks great, it has to be said, and I'm sure that it adds all kinds of great synergistic functionality for todays modern go-getter, but I only had it installed for about 30 min, due to the removal of (for me) lightning's best feature, the month calender in the bottom left hand corner. I use Thunderbird for my personal at home e-mailing, and I don't really need detailed daily schedules, or weekly layouts, I need to see what day of the month Saturday two weeks is. There are lots of ways to find out this information, but I especially like to turn my eyeballs about 10 degrees to the left. I'm sure a lot of people don't miss this feature, but I like it so much I wish that the month calendar would appear in the compose e-mail window too. So, if you like that calender, stay away from 0.7, of course if you don't care about it, then I think this version will be a great improvement for you. As for me, I am waiting for v0.71, where there is a little box you can tick in the settings to "show month calender", and I'm not going to blindly update this extension ever again, first I will check out the forums.

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