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AutoPager Fixed Требуется перезапуск

AutoPager Fixed is a working version of AutoPager extension for Firefox 36+ (non-E10s mode) to autoload the next page(s) when you scroll pages.


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Restart application Требуется перезапуск

Restart the application with one click (or Ctrl Shift Z)

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Orkut Toolbar Требуется перезапуск

Orkut Toolbar helps you to format the text of your posts in the Orkut forums, easily access all common functions of orkut, create and manage custom signatures and insert and view images and flash movies in orkut posts and scraps.

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OverbiteFF Требуется перезапуск

Add legacy protocol support back to Firefox and SeaMonkey with OverbiteFF, which restores support for Gopher servers, plus CSO/ph searches, finger, whois and more! Cross-platform JavaScript runs anywhere Firefox does.

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MDN Interface Documentation Generator Требуется перезапуск

Generate MDN Interface Documentation from IDL files.

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AutoCopy 2 Требуется перезапуск

Автоматическое копирование выделенного текста в буфер обмена.

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BOINC Stats 2 Требуется перезапуск

Displays your Total and Recent Average Credits for BOINC distributed computing projects in the status bar.

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Flashblock Ultimate Alt Zero Требуется перезапуск

This extention allow to remove focus from embedded flash object by pressing Ctrl+Esc or Ctrl+F12 (see mozilla superbug: 78414) and move focus back by Alt+Esc or Alt+F12
USE THIS INSTEAD: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/focus-regainer/

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Web Cache View Plus Proxy Требуется перезапуск

Displays a web cache and/or web proxy view of a web page. You can call it from menu of tab, page context, link context and maybe while page loading.

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Force RTL

Force a LTR locale to behave as if it was a RTL locale.

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Extension List Dumper 2 Требуется перезапуск

This extension adds a button ("Dump list") to the Add-ons window. When this button is pressed, a new window is opened with the list of installed extensions, themes or plugins...

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mappviewer Требуется перезапуск

Tools for Meyersound's MAPPonline

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Profile Folder Button

Adds profile folder/directory button.

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Easy AutoFocus Требуется перезапуск

Adds feature autofocusing for text areas.

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SJCall Требуется перезапуск

SJCall is a beta version of a VoIP extension enabling you to place telephone calls directly from the Mozilla applications using SJphone, the world-leading Internet softphone...

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Is It Compatible? Требуется перезапуск

**Notice: This addon is no longer maintained.** Are your addons compatible with the next version of Firefox? Find out straight from the Addons window! **Version 0.6.0 is available from the Versions page, it was never approved by AMO**

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Version in Add-on bar Требуется перезапуск

Show the Firefox/Thunderbird version number in the addon bar (formerly called status bar).

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Print selected text Требуется перезапуск

Adds feature for printing selected text.

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Nepali Patro Требуется перезапуск

Calendar for Nepalese People

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OpenMixTools Требуется перезапуск

convert session files of yamaha consoles, print channel lists and reports

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