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Adhiyan Требуется перезапуск

Adhiyan is a tool to convert and view TSCII/TUNE/TAB/TAM/DailyThanthi/Dinamani/Chenet/Kambar encoded Tamil content to UNICODE Tamil.

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This add-on provides quick access to Alexa's Top Sites.

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Any key Требуется перезапуск

Allows typing into phonetic Russian, Ukrainian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Hindi Davangari, Hebrew, Mongolian, greek... transforming translit into the choosen language...

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ArsTechnica Single Page Article

Shows a single page containing the whole multi page article.

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AutoPager Требуется перезапуск

AutoPager automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a page. It works on a ton of sites,Google,Yahoo..
It works well with most other add-ons adblock plus, WOT and most of the greasemonkey scripts.
You can also try AutoPagerLite.

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Bamboo Feed Reader Требуется перезапуск

Feed reader | RSS - ATOM - OPML

This extension has NOT been rewritten with the new WebExtensions API (Firefox Quantum).
No future version is planned by the original developer.

Bamboo is still running with Palemoon.

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Blog Better! - Writing Helper by Zemanta Требуется перезапуск

Increase your pageviews and improve your blog posts with related posts, images and links!

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BNR Exchange Rates Требуется перезапуск

Show the exchange rates from BNR in the statusbar.

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cacaoweb Требуется перезапуск

Watch videos without limit

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ConnSets Требуется перезапуск

"Connection/Configuration Settings Selector"...

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Copy Pure Text Требуется перезапуск

Allows to copy selected text as plain text by adding a 'Copy as Text' menu item to context menu.

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CustomizeGoogle Требуется перезапуск

CustomizeGoogle enhances Google by adding information and removing unwanted information.

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CX CallBook Требуется перезапуск

Guía de radioaficionados uruguayos

Пока не оценено
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Dcurrency Требуется перезапуск

Currency exchange rates in the status bar (data from Yahoo!Finance or Google on option).
Display currency graphs.

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DontPhishMe Требуется перезапуск

DontPhishMe is an Anti-Phishing addon for Mozilla Firefox which utilizes the pattern matching techniques to provide the Malaysian Internet user with information and notification to protect them against online banking phishing website.

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DPMenu - Menu dobreprogramy.pl Требуется перезапуск

Dodatek dodający szybkie menu portalu dobreprogramy.pl.

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Electoral College Monitor Требуется перезапуск

This extension will keep you up-to-date with the 2008 Presidential election. It also tracks the Senate and House race.

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Email This! Требуется перезапуск

Email This! will send your recipient the link, title, & highlighted text of the page you are viewing using GMail, Google Apps GMail, Yahoo, and Stand-Alone Mail Clients like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, & More!

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EmotiConverter Требуется перезапуск

Post your best emoticons of the easiest and fastest way.

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eQuakeAlert! Требуется перезапуск

Have you ever thought of getting alerts on land disasters like earthquakes, right on your desktop? eQuakeAlert! is the solution for that!

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