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Charset Menu

Restores the charset menu removed in Thunderbird 91 and fixes an issue in Thunderbird 78.

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Adicionado em Junho 3, 2021


Eine Thunderbird-Erweiterung, welches Binnen-Is und Ähnliches von Webseiten entfernt. Es basiert auf der bekannten Firefox Erweiterung Binnen-I be gone.

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Adicionado em Maio 23, 2021

OpenPGP Alias Updater

Updates the local OpenPGP Alias file from a server to simplify encryption for mailing lists, or email aliases in an organizational environment.

Please make sure config parameter "mail.openpgp.alias_rules_file" is set to "openpgp_alias.json".

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Adicionado em Maio 19, 2021


Traffic light protocol extension for Thunderbird, messages are customizable in the option page.

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Adicionado em Maio 17, 2021

Toggle Address Box

Adds a Address Box button, toggles the Address Box in the Composer window

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Adicionado em Maio 17, 2021

Glodaquilla-NG: Email onDisk Status, Search/Index

Global Search/Indexing Enhancements/ On Disk Status for IMAP
Permits selective enabling and disabling of search indexing on folders or accounts - with inheritence. Extra columns can show whether a mail is stored on disk and its indexing status.

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Adicionado em Maio 9, 2021

Link in Tab

Links em e-mails serão abertos em novas guias no Thunderbird.

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Adicionado em Maio 2, 2021

Thunderbird Todoist

Extension to add emails as tasks to Todoist.

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Adicionado em Abril 29, 2021

Attachment Extractor

Extract attachments from selected e-mails!

1. Select one or more messages
2. Right click and choose Attachment Extractor
3. Select a template for filenames and target folder
4. Choose to either delete attachments or not
5. Done

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Adicionado em Abril 25, 2021


Notes with rainbow colors.
7 notepads are utilized as several memos if needed.
Or, these 7 notepads are used by days of the week.

April 14th 2021.

Sungho Hwang.

I love God.

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Adicionado em Abril 13, 2021

Expression Search - NG

Expression Search - NG is an extension to Thunderbird which adds powerful message searching features.
Type "f:fred t:tom a:yes" to see messages from Fred to Tom that have an attachment.
Type "f:(oo -pp)" for messages by oo, but not pp.

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Adicionado em Abril 12, 2021


This provider add-on adds Google synchronization capabilities to TbSync. Only contacts and contact groups are currently managed, using Google's People API.

Please read the "About this Add-on" section below carefully!

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Adicionado em Abril 11, 2021

Message Mover

This add-on lets you move messages from a specific folder (and sub-folders) to a new folder.

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Adicionado em Abril 3, 2021


Confirm conversions of e-mail to event and task at selecting thread tree children.

Glory be to God!

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Adicionado em Março 30, 2021

Open Google Voice

Opens Google Voice In A New Thunderbird Tab

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Adicionado em Março 25, 2021

Outlook Address Book Enabler

Enables the Outlook address book in Thunderbird.

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Adicionado em Março 23, 2021

Open Image In New Tab

Adds a context menu item to open images in a new tab

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Adicionado em Março 22, 2021


This add-on makes it easy to open folders on a file server.

In order to use the add-on, you need to install two things: the add-on and the linked app.
You can download the linked app from the following website.


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Adicionado em Março 7, 2021

SPAM Check for OCN

- SPAM Header Checker for OCN(Japanese Internet Provider)
- This plugin looks at the header of the mail and assigns a "junk mail" mark.
- Only if the header (X-CON-SPAM-CHECK) of the mail is set to 100%, it will be marked as "spam".

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Adicionado em Março 7, 2021

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Read aloud the selected email messages using text to speech (TTS). Read Aloud is intended for users who prefer to listen to content instead of reading, and those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities.

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Adicionado em Março 7, 2021