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Since gContactSync no longer works to sync Google contacts with Thunderbird, I was going to install CardBook but the required permissions made me decide not to. Why do they need "full, unrestricted access to Thunderbird, and your computer". Really? Why would I give them full unrestricted access to any file on my computer. I'm angry at Thunderbird for allowing this type of behavior. I used to love Thunderbird. I've used it for decades, but at the moment I hate Thunderbird, and am considering my options.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (59.4). 


Yes, this window is frightening but this is the only way for add-ons to work as before. gContactSync had also "full, unrestricted access to Thunderbird, and your computer" but there was no popup window announcing that... that's a question of trust, all CardBook code is fully visible (here : https://gitlab.com/CardBook/CardBook/-/tree/master) is open source licenced, and trusted by almost 86000 users. So it's up to you :)