Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

EDIT: I have updated to 5 stars. The developer is very quick to respond and provide the information to allow this to work. That type of service is incredible. It is a 5 star product when it works. I'm thinkng that the latest Thunderbird update created some issues.

Developer provided a new .xpi that I could not get from Thunderbird. Surprisingly great customer service.

Prior review: Honest to god, why cant someone do a program that just plain works. 2 problems: I cannot add a contact - PERIOD no matter how many times I try.

edit again....it is not downloading current google contacts. very disappointing as I am running on 4 machines and now must look elsewhere.

It does not even sync anymore. I deleted and added again...no luck.

Also, as someone mentioned, I cannot scroll down without it going back to the top.

If these issues have been fixed, putting them out to resolve would help.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (57.6). 


may you contact me by email : cardbook (at) cardbook.icu ?