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Bluhell Firewall

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This is by far the most useful extension I've used. Saved me from nasty attacks. Please update for firefox quantum, I just downgraded to firefox 56 exclusively for this add-on.

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Saved Password Editor

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Makes it very easy to login to any sight, saves the time of manually typing everything in. Only thing that could make this better is password backup, in case you have to reinstall or refresh firefox for any reason, lost all my passwords twice now that way, I do keep a list of usernames/passwords for each sight I go to on a note pad on my scratch pad that I keep inside my computer.

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Bluhell Firewall

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As of v2.5.1
Been using this now for well over a year since v2.3, I switched from adblock plus and I'm never turning back. It works better than adblock plus, and is lighter than adblock lite. I like to be on the bleeding edge of things, currently using firefox developer edition v40a2 and this add-on will not work if you enable firefox multi-process, will only work with multi-process disabled. Multi-process was developed to improve system performance by putting the firefox GUI in a separate process from the browser framework.

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lampe design

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It's different, It popped up, I was first user.