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Theme Font & Size Changer (fixed)

Fixed version (no 90 day timer till silent failure) of the popular "Theme Font & Size Changer for Thunderbird" addon

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Color Transform

Transform the colors of entire web pages or selected elements. Combine predefined themes with basic transforms. Save transforms for specific web domains.

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Menu Wizard Reinício necessário

Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items
Colorize important menu for ease of use! (use Style (CSS))
Change or disable any of used keyboard shortcuts
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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Simple Locale Switcher Reinício necessário

An easier management of the user interface language

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Theme Font & Size Changer for ThunderBird

Theme Font & Size Changer lets you change the global font size and font family used for the user interface in Firefox. Design your browser with your favorite font.

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Lightning Calendar Tabs Reinício necessário

Zobrazí záložky, pomocí kterých je možné rychle přepínat aktuální období v kalendáři Lightning. Všechny pohledy kalendáře jsou podporovány. Je možné upravit barvu textů záložek.

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Keep in Taskbar Reinício necessário

A simple plugin that makes the Close button behave exactly like the Minimize one.

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Lightning Colors Reminder Reinício necessário

Let's show the calendar color on Lightning reminders!

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Add-on for Thunderbird that replaces the built-in notifications with OS native ones. It supports most Linux Desktop Environments as well as Windows 8.1/10.

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Color Folders Reinício necessário

Color your Folder Treeview Icons!

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关闭即最小化 Reinício necessário

Use this to Minimize
A remake of the MinimizeToTray-extension made to fit the Windows 10 taskbar. Instead of minimize the window to the tray it minimize it to the taskbar.

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Tag Toolbar Reinício necessário

Add toolbar for toggling tags.

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Send Later Button Reinício necessário Em destaque

A simple button to invoke the (already existing) send later functions.

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OutlookAlike BETA Reinício necessário

Makes Thunderbird looking like Outlook.

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lightningWeather Reinício necessário

LightningWeather shows the weather forecast in the background of the calendar so you can easily coordinate your activities with the weather.

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AddressBook in Tab Reinício necessário

Adds a button that can be put in toolbars which opens the addressbook in a new tab like pastismans AddressBookTab

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Show All Body Parts Reinício necessário

Enable the View | Message Body As | All Body Parts message display mode.

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G-Hub Lite

Add Google Tabs to Thunderbird! Services supported by G-Hub Lite: Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Maps, Search, & Voice. Need G Suite / Google Apps support? Check out G-Hub Pro: https://www.schiffner.com/index.php/software/g-hub-pro

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Stylish-Custom Reinício necessário

custom additions to Stylish extension

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Blinking Alert Reinício necessário

Adds blink feature to the new-mail alert.
You can also disable auto-hiding of the alert.

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