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Great add-on, works exactly as described!

Question for the dev: Is it possible to add a feature to minimize TB on start (like it was with Minimize on start and close add-on)? Or is there something in the new API that prevents this? Thanks anyway!

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra ( 

For the future: don't use the rating feature to ask questions, write an email to the linked email address. The rating feature is not intended for support or other questions.

Minimize on Close still uses the old Add-on API (and will probably be ported as experiment to 78, which is similar to the old API), so yes that would be possible. But I don't think minimizing on startup belongs into an add-on named "Minimize on Close". If you or somebody else wants to implement a separate add-on to minimize on startup, feel free to take Minimize on Close as starting point, though. :)