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Не работает минимизация в трей. Это самая важная функция и она не работает. Для простого сворачивания на панель задач есть много расширений. Но нужна рабочая версия имеено для сворачивания в трей.

It does not work minimization to tray. This is the most important function and it does not work. For easy folding to the taskbar have a lot of extensions. But need a working version of imeeno to minimize to tray.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra ( 

This add-on is not intended to move Thunderbird to the tray. Doing that from an add-on is no longer realistically possible, so that feature will never be implemented. But there are separate programs that can move any program to the tray whenever you minimize it – this add-on can be used in combination with those programs to get Thunderbird into the tray when closing the window as well.