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I am ExE Boss, and I make stuff. All my add-ons are WebExtensions, and I like the API. The best part about WebExtensions is that they are creating a power vacuum, which essentially reset the extensions status quo. I also have a GitHub profile where I publish the source code for my extensions.

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Torrent Tornado

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This was a truly good torrent client and the browser integration was really helpful.

I hope that once the required WebExtension APIs are supported (https://bugzil.la/1323414, https://webtorrent.io/), this will have a better integration with S3 Download Manager.

Firefox Quantum Nightly

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Fox Web Security

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This addon does not provide sufficient warning when you click upload public keys. (Sufficient warning = a popup explaining that uploaded public keys can't be removed from the key servers once uploaded)
This can lead to leaking of private email addresses that you wish to keep hidden from the public.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra (