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It works nicely, except when i export email .eml files, i dont see an option to have either the email address or account name as a prefix at the beginning of the exported folders/files. - Can you add an option to do this so i can see what emails are from which email accounts ?

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (3.3.0). 

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I was hopeing you might make it compatible with SeaMonkey 2.53 - 64 bit

I know this might seem impossible, but about 85% of all firefox
and thunderbird add-ons do work with this un-official version of seamonkey.

After all SeaMonkey is a browser that has Thunderbird built into it

I use this site to convert all the add-ons that normally would usually say 'not compatible with'

The menu comes up fine, but has no effect
Could you pleeeasse make it work with SeaMonkey ???
I would so love this feature, great add-on by the way :)

Esse usuário tem uma análise anterior desta extensão.

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Well, i wanted to say this was an 'ok' add-on...
But i cant... I have to say it's Friggin Awesome Cool Ass Add-on!!!
Yeah, its absolutely brilliant!!! :) :) :)
Thank you sooo much!!!