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Marvellous. T68 has really highlighted how important Nostalgy is (was) and how much I missed it. I have a lot of mult-level directories, so a real pain without the efficiencies of Nostalgy shortcuts. And now don't have to remember the names and pathways to subdirectories. I still find it hard to believe that the Thunderbird developers have not seen the light (i.e., the strengths of Nostalgy) and built its functionality into Thunderbird itself for the benefit of all users. A big thanks to Alain and now Klaus.

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As with other reviewers, Nostalgy has been a vital add-on to TB for me over many years. So I am very disappointed - and perplexed - as to why Mozilla hasn't caught on to this fact and built this incredibly useful functionality into TB68. Especially important now that Alain's Nostalgy is no longer compatible with TB (i.e., TB68). So my rating has dived from 5* to 2*
Richard (NZ)

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