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History Deleter

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The description says you can delete by the visited date, but I do not see this option.

The only Deletion option I see is under Execution Settings; Run on application finished When history exceeds x entries.

I have this checked, with 500 entries, I click OK, then close SeaMonkey. When I reopen, History Deleter shows that I have 2521 Current history entries. I've done this twice and it appears not to work.

(I could not find a way to directly contact the developer with the above.)

Thank you very much.

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Thanks for this extension, very interesting. Is there a way to delete or deselect items, since some of them don't seem to make sense to me (icecream, jetpack, kitchensink, etc.)? Perhaps an Options panel where we could select which about: items to appear in the drop-down.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra (