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Hi John,

Thank you for your efforts with Tbsync addon, it makes our life much easier when we configure our MS Exchange accounts with TB. I'm currently using Tbsync 2.12 with TB 68.8 to access my MS Exchange mail. I notice there is no option to forward a meeting invitation if I'm not the organizer! I don't know if it is lightning or Tbsync who should provide this feature. Similar feature was available in old addon

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra (2.12). 

MRC Compose

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Hi Mickel,

Thank you for your work on this add-on! can't move from MS Outlook to TB without this feature. I'm using TB68.8.0 under Ubuntu 18.04 and I notice that I can't show 'CC' bu default in all new mails, however 'BCC' is shown by default and can't disable it!
MRC compose V2.0.5