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What a fantastic add-on! What a beauty, a peace of art for my daily habits, routines, needs etc.
Best rss/feed reader ever! I use it 24 hours all the time, perhaps I used it more than my email/messages services. Is a must for those who need to be and kept informed.

I am totally interested in the NewsFox upgrade version to +FF57.
And I will be totally happy in make a fat donation for the new NewsFox.

However, please, I need a simple clarification from the authors: Do you have any time expectation about when the new version of NewsFox could be launched?
Today I am stuck at FF56, because I don't and I can't stop using NewsFox. And I perfectly understand that the new NewsFox will take a lot of work, must be rewritten from scratch etc. And I am able to wait and donate for it. But if this is not going to happen, or if is going to happen in a far future etc, sadly but honestly I prefer to abandon NewsFox right now, migrating today to FF57.
Please authors, do you have any expectation about when the NewsFox could be launched?

Thousand thanks to the authors!