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Nome Roberto Cantu'
Localização Giussano - Italy
Ocupação Sales Engineer
Usuário desde Ago. 22, 2016
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Provider for Google Calendar

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It used to work until TB68, now after upgrading to TB78 no longer works.

Strange thing, it works with a freshly installed TB78.

Please fix the bugs, this add-on is so useful, it would surely deserve the 5*.

Thank you

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Awesome Auto Archive

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To me AAA is a must-have, I am very sorry it no longer works with TB 68.
Dear Developer, please let us know if you can go on supporting this plug-in, or if we have to (sadly) look for an alternative.
Thank You

Provider for Google Calendar

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The behaviour I see is quite different, the plug-in does not work but the message I get tells me I have Javascript disabled.
I have already enabled cookies from anyone, it was no good

Update: setting javascript.enabled to true - as suggested by Philipp - did work. Thank you. Could be that the last TB update reverted the boolean ? (BTW javascript.enabled is safe, it does not enable javascript in email)

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior da extensão (3.1).