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Localização Loveland, Colorado
Ocupação Self Employed computer repair technician and IT consultant/contractor
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This has been a cornerstone in the world of FF extensions. Why on earth is it not being updated for Quantum, which is a huge leap forward for FF? Please tell me there are at least plans for this in the future...

Save Images

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Firefox 57 is simply amazing! So is this extension! PLEASE update...

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Session Manager

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This is by far, my most used extension.
Why the hell has the developer STILL not updated for FF 57? Release is in 2 days! Are there really not any plans to do this? If so, you are effectively torpedoing your own product. FF 57 is the first version of FF I have used in over 10 years that hasn't really really sucked. In fact, FF 57 is my dreams come true. It's stable, it's fast, it's sexy. It's everything. PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

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Save Images

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This extension works great.
Want to save a bunch of picture sets from a website of a certain kind, so that you can keep all the pics, cancel your membership, and not take hours and hours to do it? Well just open all the pics, one album at a time, in new tabs, then right click Save Images and click on "save images from tabs to the right" and then watch the magic happen. It downloaded a 150 picture album for me in 1 second. Bravo!

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All Menus Button

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No longer works in newest versions of FF. FF has become too restrictive in what's allowed, much like Chrome has been for several years now. Too bad, they were the best for customization, but now there are fewer and fewer reasons to not just use Chrome instead, it's more stable and it's MUCH faster. Side note: Anyone reading this should give Pale Moon a try. It was originally based on the older versions of FF that everyone loved, but it has forked off into something of it's own and it is a great browser for people who like to make a web browser "their own" via custom buttons, visual tweaks and customizations, extensions, etc.
And the best thing is that all of Button Guy's extensions still work with the newest version of PM. Hallelujah!
I'm giving a 4 star review based on this fact. :D

Toolbar Buttons

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I LOVE this extension, It makes FF much more usable to me. I use it with Pale Moon, no problem. But it does not work with the new version of FF, so until the dev updates it, it's by by Toolbar Buttons.
In regards to Dev's response, I totally understand now. FF is getting ridiculous with this crap, but so is Chrome. I've been looking at Pale Moon and Vivaldi, so far Pale Moon has been great, but Vivaldi is just a mess and has been for some time.
I'm changing my review back to a 5 star based on the fact that this still works in the newest version of Pale Moon and it really is one of the most invaluable addons I use in it.