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EditEmailSubject (Edit email Subject)

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Very useful add-on. Please update for Thunderbird 68!

Ta opinia jest o wcześniejszej wersji dodatku (2.1.1). 

Mailbox Alert

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This app is good for monitoring when your folders get new messages. After all, you don't want to have to scan all your folders to see if you have a new message.

However, if you get lots of email, like when you start up Thunderbird, you might get a dozen notices. The first 11 disappear in less than a second, so those messages are as good as lost.
It would be a lot better if a list of folders were displayed, and you could click to dismiss certain notifications or click to jump to that folder. The key is to be notified of all the new messages in the folders I choose.

Ta opinia jest o wcześniejszej wersji dodatku (0.16.4). 


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After installing this add-on and restarting Thunderbird 17.0.7, Thunderbird's Add-ons Manager display of the installed extensions was missing most of the Add-ons' icons and descriptions! The buttons were missing their text until I moused-over each one.

Ta opinia jest o wcześniejszej wersji dodatku (1.3.1-signed.1-signed). 


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I use the Status Bar on almost every message to see if a link in a message body is really the link it says it is. There is already a summary of the number of messages Unread/Total/Total Size next to each folder, so replacing the Status bar with that same info, but for only the current folder, is a poor replacement for an essential feature.

Ta opinia jest o wcześniejszej wersji dodatku (0.9). 

Sender Verification Anti-Phishing Extension

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I really like this idea behind this add-on!
Unfortunately, it wipes out the status? bar at the bottom of the Thunderbird window that displays the real url when you mouse over a link. (The status? bar also shows progress when downloading messages, compacting folders, etc.)
Because the url disclosure is my main means for checking urls, I'm giving version a thumbs down.
Please fix this feature/bug! I'd really like to use this one, especially given the new birage of phishing spam!
By the way, this add-on takes 25 seconds (on an unloaded Fedora Linux 15) to create the warning popup.


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This addon keeps on running, even after you've processed your inbox, and uses as many cpu cycles as are available. I had to kill off the process so that I could do work on my computer. (My job is something other than processing spam.)

The other problem is that it goes through ALL your email in all your folders. I spent a lot of effort to categorize my email by putting messages in specific folders. Spamato undid that, moving most of my old email into the Junk folder (false negatives, if you count spam as a negative). I then had to go through all my moved email and recategorize manually.