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I want to add I think this is a dangerous add on. After a fresh re install of Java and this add on, it immediately tried to access the site in China and an executable identified by Symantec and others as containing a virus. Emails to the program's authors went unanswered.

I believe this add on should be pulled off the web site until these questions can be answered.


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I installed this program and when I launched TBird, Spamato said it could not find Java. I pointed it to the right location and _immediately_ my Kaspersky AntiVirus began blocking multiple attempts to access a website at and a file: qvod.exe, which apparently contains a virus and a trojan.

Here was an example of one of the 150 messages I received from Kaspersky:

2/25/2009 6:56:00 AM Detected:*qvod.exe* Java(TM) Platform SE binary http:///search? Databases

I immediately removed Spamato, and uninstalled Java just to be safe. Think I'll wait until I'm sure this is a safe add on.