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Open in XPS | XPSLogic

U kunt met deze extensie tickets en taken openen door middel van de knop open in XPS

Er moet wel eerst een client worden ingevuld dit kunt u invullen onder opties

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Toegevoegd op jun 22, 2022

Netiquette checker and wrapper

RFC 1855 compatible as well as Epita compatible.

This Addon provide a mail checker and an auto 72 column wrapper.
What is checked:
- Subject
- Greeting
- Body
- Salutation
- Quoting
- Signature

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Toegevoegd op jun 21, 2022

Tela Icons

Tela Icons for Thunderbird.

Mostly monochrome, with a few color touches.
Icons for Chat not provided
A few icons have been adapted.

Code from Phoenity theme is Mozilla Public Licence.
Images from Tela theme are GPLv3
xcf files included

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Toegevoegd op jun 14, 2022

10ten Japanese Reader (Rikaichamp)

Look up Japanese words with the hover of a mouse.

After enabling the add-on from the toolbar (or press Alt+R) simply hover over Japanese text and a popup displays corresponding dictionary definitions.

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Toegevoegd op jun 6, 2022

Auto-Mark Folder Read

New messages can be automatically marked as read in common folders (e.g. spam, trash, drafts, templates).

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Toegevoegd op mei 20, 2022


This extension allows you to easily insert accented characters as you type in firefox or thunderbird. It is similar to abctajpu (no longer supported). With the default settings, simply press "e" followed by "\" to insert "é" "a\" to insert "à" etc...

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Toegevoegd op mei 10, 2022

Contact Finder

Autocomplete a list of contacts when sending a message by searching their name in the address book.

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Toegevoegd op mei 9, 2022

TUD-CERT Phishing Report

Adds a phishing report button to the toolbar to enable members of Technische Universität Dresden to report suspicious e-mails to TUD-CERT with just a few clicks. If desired, an optional comment can be entered upon each report.

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Toegevoegd op mei 5, 2022


Quickly Open Web Links using custom context menu with selected text as input

QuickOWL saves one's time in copying text from email and pasting in browser page to do some action or searching.

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Toegevoegd op mei 1, 2022


Modern encryption in Thunderbird

** Currently in testing phase **
What you can do:
1. Set your secret key in the addon's tab page and acus will automatically decrypt incoming emails
2. Generate a new key pair
3. Encrypt plain text

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Toegevoegd op apr 11, 2022

Minimize on startup

Minimize thunderbird window on startup!

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Toegevoegd op apr 10, 2022

Joplin Export

Export your emails from Thunderbird to Joplin. To use the add-on, a running Joplin application is required (

Please note that this is not an official product of the Joplin team, but rather developed by a private person.

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Toegevoegd op apr 7, 2022


Allow the user to configure custom CSS that will be added to messages when edited
(new, reply and forward). The custom CSS will be added to a newly created <style>
element in the email's head.

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Toegevoegd op apr 4, 2022

Zivver for Thunderbird

This extension automatically detects Zivver messages and decrypts them on-the-fly using the Zivver API. Messages are decrypted only when actively displayed by the user and are never stored locally.

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Toegevoegd op apr 4, 2022

Send then Archive

Automates the process of archiving a message that has been replied to.

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Toegevoegd op mrt 29, 2022


MailExtension to talk to keepassxc

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Toegevoegd op mrt 24, 2022


Send SMS via sms77

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Toegevoegd op mrt 22, 2022

CatchAll Bird

This extension improves the use of CatchAll-Addresses with Thunderbird.
It handles incoming messages addressed to all [email protected] for a fixed domain.
Incoming emails are automatically sorted into subfolders of INBOX identified by the prefix.

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Toegevoegd op mrt 21, 2022


AddOn for sending regimail with Thunderbird on Windows and Linux.

In order to use this AddOn, you need to install the regify client on your system and configure it with a valid regify account.

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Toegevoegd op mrt 21, 2022

Jitsi Meet event generator

Event and link generator for Jitsi Meet service.

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Toegevoegd op mrt 15, 2022