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Naam CommunityCash
Locatie Reno, Nevada
Beroep Freelance Networker, Non-Profit & Resources, Psychology Student (soon to be Therapist)
Gebruiker sinds aug 1, 2008
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I am a disabled mom, wife, home-maker, big sister and daughter. I live with my Family in the USA in the Northern Nevada area although I grew up in the Sacromento area of California and often miss my home-town. I am a Witch and have practiced the Craft of the Wise for over 18 years now. I am happily married to my middle-school sweetheart and we've been through hell and back together but stuck through it and have been together for about 13 years now. I am a freelance networker right now, and my job is helping others make money for free, without any B.S. and without having anyone spend anything to earn. Check out my site at:
for more information (simply go to the "How to Earn" tab...Many updates are soon to come, allowing more free $$$ earning opportunity. This is no get-rich-quick thing, you do have to do some work like sharing your opinions in short surveys for good cash and clicking safe ads in exchange for money. You also earn by referring others. My site is also a Non-Profit Resource, as I am going to focus on giving back to the Community (hence the name, "Community Cash:" ;-) by offering all US states resources for those in need on a variety of topics and with a number of resources from help getting a job, to having rover neutered for cheap, to getting to free food & clothing pantries, help with rent, bills, and shelters and much more. Keep an eye out there and contact me through my website there if you have any resources in the USA to share. (I hope to eventually go world-wide with resources, but will do this as the site expands in members.) I am currently disabled but trying to work through my severe and many a number of health conditions in order and in hopes of returning to college and finishing up my degree in Psychology so that I can become a licensed therapist. In my spare time I also do Spiritual Counseling, and try to help with a number of issues from addiction to intimacy issues, and especially any Spiritual or Existential problems which do arise in people's lives from time to time. Of course, just like my site, this counseling is FREE. (Keep in mind I am not yet licensed, but being a Witch, much of it has to do with healing and helping in th healing process, so I do have a good deal of life experience, even though I am a bit young.) I also do Rune Divination's (somewhat similar to Tarot Readings, but due to my Scottish Celtic heritage I use Runes, which are usually either wooden or stone inscriptions of which each has deep and varied meanings, used to answer questions from daily readings to past life readings and current readings and all in between. I use Runes because I have always gotten a great response from them, very accurate replies and no sugar-coating it, I prefer these among any type of Tarot Card.) I do these readings from time to time, especially for those in real need, I prefer not to charge for these readings, and instead of doing so I will make it possible for people to donate to my site if they chose to. Besides all of that, some of my interests also include: spending time with family and friends, being online, reading, writing, counseling, magick, spells, helping others, poetry, music of many varied styles and genres (from Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and Dark Lotus to Paula Cole, Tori Amos, and almost anything from the 60's...II also enjoy Classical, Jazz and R&B and rap music, I have also been known to rock out from time to time. LOL ;-) Contact me if you wish to talk. I am always looking for those of like mind to be friends and/or internet buddies with, and always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, no matter the situation. I am also going to be straight-forward about the only thing I do for extra income due to my disability, and that's my site @ Please join if you'd like to make money for doing easy and 100% free tasks, as I mentioned, I do get money for referring people and so will you! So please, if you'd like and have a bit of time, visit my site and sign up with the programs mentioned so you can start earning money, and I also get a small % for referring you. Thanks for reading, and blessed be everyone! ;-)


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I love this program and used it before until firefox was upgraded...Please make this available and working for Firefox 3.6 and if possible firefox 4 to anticipate any quick changes/updates. Really hope this can come back & it's on my favorite list so that I can check up now and then to see/in hopes of/that it may be updated and working again with firefox updates. Thanks for creating it, hope to see it again and maybe even more info. on the moon and lunar related issues...blessed be. ;-)

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