Restart Button

Adds a Restart Button, restarts Thunderbird

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Toegevoegd op feb 15, 2020

POPFile Jump


インストールするとツールバーにPOPFile Jumpのボタンが表示されるので、メールを選択してボタンを押してください。


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Toegevoegd op feb 2, 2020

Edit Email Subject Vereist herstart

Edit Email Subject for Thunderbird

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Toegevoegd op jan 22, 2020

HeaderTools Lite Vereist herstart

Allows to modify the header and the source of messages

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Toegevoegd op jan 19, 2020

Snakes by Bluemods

Classic Snakes game at your fingertips.

Snakes by Bluemods is a free-to-play single-player classics arcade game designed and developed by Justin Gates at Bluemods.com. The game allows the players to maneuver a snake made up of tiny squares.

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Toegevoegd op jan 9, 2020

Console messaging example

Console messaging example add-on

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Toegevoegd op jan 3, 2020

QuickNote Vereist herstart

Een extensie om notities te maken met geavanceerde functies.

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Toegevoegd op nov 7, 2019

Display Mail User Agent T Vereist herstart

Geeft het mailprogramma weer waarmee het geselecteerde bericht is opgesteld

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Toegevoegd op nov 2, 2019

Open Tab

Link open in new tab.

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Toegevoegd op okt 11, 2019

Check Domain NG Vereist herstart

This is a fork of "Check Domain" addon by karakawa, which can run on 68.5.0 version of Thunderbird.

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Toegevoegd op aug 26, 2019

Remove Duplicates Vereist herstart

Removes duplicate messages

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Toegevoegd op aug 19, 2019

Profile Switcher Vereist herstart

Adds options to launch other profiles.

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Toegevoegd op jul 24, 2019

FileLink provider for WebDAV

Uploads your large attachments to your WebDAV account instead of sending them by email.

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Toegevoegd op mei 27, 2019

Open With Vereist herstart

Open With can open your web links in any browser installed on your computer.

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Toegevoegd op okt 30, 2018

ConfirmBeforeDelete Vereist herstart

Ask a confirm before to delete some items

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Toegevoegd op okt 14, 2018

URL Link Vereist herstart

URL Link is a small Thunderbird extension that allows you to select a non-URL in a mail/news message or web-page, and open it in a browser window.

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Toegevoegd op sep 23, 2018

Thunderbird Addons Test Vereist herstart

Change prefs so that you use addons.thunderbird.net as the provider for add-on downloads and updates.

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Toegevoegd op jul 16, 2018

EditEmailSubject-hotfix Vereist herstart

Hotfix for EditEmailSubject version 2.1.0 by jisse44

- fixed: does not overwrite Message-ID and references with undefined

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Toegevoegd op jul 4, 2018

GmailOutOfOffice Vereist herstart

Out of Office for Gmail

This add-on allows you to set an out of office auto-responder in your gmail account. It adds a button in the toolbar customization list.

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Toegevoegd op okt 9, 2017

Rescue Conflicting Alternatives Vereist herstart

Converts a mail with conflicting alternative bodies to regular multipart mail.

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Toegevoegd op jul 11, 2017