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Windows Gadgets

Windows Gadget Gallery

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MyAnonaMouse Search

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Browse TwitchTV streaming live Gaming videos.

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Find Rhymes with RhymeZone Search Tool.

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Menu Wizard

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In the future can we SYNC or backup our settings?

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (4.01). 


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Something I do want, but the toolbar arrows were to dominate and took out my other navigation buttons, including all my add-on buttons. I looked to disable the cache arrows... "u know the rest"

uninstalled the add-on. the status bar picture blocker worked 100% and I would of liked to keep that. about the other features - well i can't say they stood out as working components.

Non the less " good job! " on your rendition of surfing the internet faster.

Last Fm Search Music

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Thanks 5 Stars

Would you mind making a Pandora radio search add-on

Demonoid Search

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The Pirate Bay

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Just what I was searching for!
and it works. 5 Stars!